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Compliance to Standards – Start Prepared and on Time

A client in the construction industry has tried to get his staff to perform at a higher level — he wants them to follow procedures. One of those is, he wants all staff to be at the morning briefing on time, each with a written plan for the day.His pe…

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Stop sending mixed messages

I have several doctors as clients. One of them has an email signature that includes a quote I know is popular among doctors: The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.-Voltaire, French Philosopher (1694-1778)Th…

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Netflix shows us how not to manage technology

(Updated 8/16)In the news we have this report about a huge failure of Netflix’s internal computer systems.In brief, the video-rental firm was unable to ship customer orders for two and a half days. Netflix announced rebates to affected customers that …

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The Lamp of Attention

I just re-learned the power that leaders have when they pay attention. The pattern I saw unfolded thusly:At the gym I tried out one of those dance aerobics classes. I’ve got a strong ego and no pretense of being good at dance aerobics, so I didn’t ca…

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It’s My Fault

A client is wondering how to handle a key employee whose work is often sub-standard, and who — according to himself — is never at fault. Each time there’s an unsatisfied customer, it’s because the customer is unreasonable, or the tools didn’t work, o…

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Improving Operations

To recap – we’ve visited Bob’s construction firm and analyzed its strengths and weaknesses. His people have good technical skills (construction, estimating) and poor communications practices. Weak points included data entry, and mis-communication duri…

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