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CEO’s Guide to Networking – with Kathy Condon – Sep 23,2011

Few activities are as hyped for CEOs as “networking” — yet its often done poorly. Good networking can jump-start powerful results for your firm, as when the new contact refers you to a new client, or helps you find a key employee. Executive coach and…

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Pay for Performance – from the C-suite to the Front Line

It’s vital that CEOs and business owners pay people what they are worth. Pay should be fair, and should combine (A) what the job market says a role is worth, and (B) each person’s actual results.

Pay for Performance systems are easy to get wrong — encouraging the wrong behaviors while creating uncertainty and resentment. Here, developed with the input of expert and turnaround CEO Bob Papes, are four steps to get them right.

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Pay for Performance – from C-suite to Front Line – Sep 16,2011

Returning expert Bob Papes shares his experience with setting up Pay for Performance systems. Its easy to get them wrong, thus encouraging the wrong behaviors while creating uncertainty and resentment. Here are the steps to follow to get it right.Link…

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Build Trust with Job Descriptions

We need more trust in the workplace.

According to data collected by Stephen M R Covey, high trust teams and companies out-perform their low trust competitors by 4 to 1. High trust, in addition to being more profitable, is also less stressful and more fun. Here’s one thing you can do immediately to start raising trust levels in your own immediate circle at work — with the humble job description.

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