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How to Harness Visual Leadership

Smart people in a hurry become stupid. (Or at least act stupidly. My work with busy executive teams tells me that this phenomenon is universal — and I see it in myself daily.) When we need our busy co-workers and

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Stop Putting People First – Put Profit First

Strategic execution requires that you stop putting people first (in the wrong way).  Profit must come first. I will pause while you gasp in horror. If you “put people first” in the wrong way, you’re harming them, yourself, the rest

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Why your Employee is Always Right

I learned a lot about humans from studying pigeons. It was 1985 and I worked at Professor Israel Goldiamond’s behaviorism lab at the University of Chicago. (And yes, pigeons are a lot different from people.) The biggest thing Professor G.

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When is Anger Okay in the Work Place?

When is anger okay in the work place? Never. Anger is so seldom acceptable — it’s so rare for it to be non-harmful — that I start by saying it’s never okay. Contrary to my counterpart at NURA, who suggests

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