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Don’t Reorganize — Instead, Fix the Fundamentals

Portlanders will vote on the creation of a new water district in May, potentially wresting control of water from the City Council. In other words, a reorg. It’s not just voters who feel this urge, when frustrated by performance. Too

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Two Ways to Become a Best Place to Work

Your company can start to become a best place to work with two simple improvements. These two fixes, research for the Oregon Best Places to Work award shows, have the greatest impact on workers’ job satisfaction. Have a Purpose Employees at

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Car Ignition Recalls and Lean Product Design

Auto recalls come and go. The current recall is for ignitions. Previously it was, I believe, floor mats. Next it’ll be turn signals, or perhaps fuzzy dice. (My tone here is light, however let’s not forget that faulty ignitions and

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Life Liberty and Property are the Future Present and Past

As I look at current events in Syria and Ukraine, and talk to young adults, I realize how fragile our freedoms are. Life Liberty and Property When our forebears spoke and wrote about “Life, Liberty and Property” they were really

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