Typical Client Results

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Tom Cox

  • For a manufacturing firm, found savings and efficiencies that grew pretax profit 35%
  • For a direct-mail retailer, improved overall warehouse efficiency by 18% including a tripling of inventory counting speed and a 75% reduction in errors
  • For a sales force doing warm calling to prospects and leaving voice mails, quadrupled the call-back rate
  • For a financial advisor, increased the rate of referrals provided by existing clients by 6:1
  • For a sales manager, coached new behaviors that reduced activity by 40% while increasing sales 50% – a 250% productivity increase
  • As Product Manager for an internet software start-up, opened the Portland development office, hired staff, managed product features and development schedule, and consistently delivered software on time for every release cycle with zero defects
  • As Project Program Manager, managed 24 simultaneous projects, completing all ahead of schedule and under budget

Tom as a Coach

My coaching approach involves helping an executive with three types of things:

  • Facts, Approaches, Ideas — things they don’t have in their head. Best practices I’ve picked up or that we can find, and that I can support them to practice and turn into habits (e.g. doing One-on-Ones with direct reports)
  • Sense-Making — helping them find new ways to engage with the world (e.g. to turn an “enemy” into an ally)
  • Self Awareness — helping them see into their blind spot, to become present to (and then stop) self-defeating patterns

Tom’s Bio

Tom Cox has helped firms in industries ranging from retail to wholesale to manufacturing to government to business services. He has worked at IBM, Oracle, TRM, Tektronix, SCIF, ODOT, Intel, Regence Blue Cross, Standard Insurance, OHSU and dozens of others.

An honors graduate of the University of Chicago (BA Behavioral Science), Tom has published over 200 articles on leadership, management, HR, teamwork, and trust.

Tom’s interests and abilities are wide-ranging — he authored a book on relational database technology, co-authored a chapter in a textbook on trauma surgery, and ran for governor of his state.

A professional speaker as well as a consultant, Tom started his own firm in 2003 to create better leadership at all levels of organizations. Tom volunteers helping nonprofits and job seekers in his community.

Starting in 2010 his column appears in Oregon Business Magazine’s online edition.

Tom as Host

“Tom Cox is one of those rare interviewers who is very bright and takes the time to know your work, and so is able ask really insightful questions.  He was able to coax more out of me in half an hour than I thought possible. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me and I trust for the audience as well.” — Charles Jacobs, author of Management Rewired: Why Feedback Doesn’t Work and Other Surprising Lessons from the Latest Brain Science

About Tom on Leadership

Tom on Leadership is the Internet’s premier blog and podcast for CEOs and business owners.

Media Outlets

Tom writes a twice-monthly column for the online edition of Oregon Business Magazine.

His radio show Tom on Leadership has a total listenership of over 90,000. It started in March 2009.

His blog Tom on Leadership has been published since 2007.

Our mailing address is:
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Thomas Cox nominated for HR Leadership Award

Thomas Cox nominated for HR Leadership Award

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