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How to be Less Demanding and More Effective

Jake is a terrific member of his fast-growing company’s senior leadership team. His boss Darcy, the owner, is a sweet lady with great personal skills. That complements Jake’s tough, task-oriented, ramrod approach. Odds are good Darcy will one day sell

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How to Get In and Out of the Weeds

Should you be a ‘big picture’ leader or should you ‘sweat the small stuff’?  The best leaders do both — the real trick is to swap between the two regularly, without allowing yourself to become fooled. Take two business owners.

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Master the Four Stories of Transcending Conflict

My friend Les was at odds with his church, and their mutual disagreement was heading for a big, ugly showdown at the annual leadership election.  Everyone’s passions were high, and neither side was listening to the other — I became

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Self Talk Using the Right Words – with Ronald Kaufman – Feb 25,2012

We look at how using the right words can create positive impressions in ourselves and others, to achieve positive results. We’re always creating an impression in ourselves and others by how we communicate, its going to be positive or negative, r…

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Connecting Strategy to Workforce Management – Feb 17,2012

I interview Carl Hoffmann and Tim Ringo, authors of the new book “Calculating Success: How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your Organization.” Carl Hoffmann is a former Partner and Vice President of IBMs Global Business Services group. Cur…

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How the CEO can Best Help the Salesforce – Feb 09,2012

How can the CEO Best Help the Salesforce? I interview Tom Anastasi, who has taught business for over 20 years and has been an SBDC consultant and business owner. He is the author of The Successful Entrepreneur and has helped small and large businesses…

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Prioritizing – with Shari McGuire – Jan 23,2012

Everyone agrees we should prioritize, yet its shocking how few people have practice or guidance on how to do it well. We go to an expert. Shari McGuire is a successful author, consultant and speaker on time management, productivity and profitability. …

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Improving Group Energy – with Jackie Barretta – Jan 08,2012

How can leaders improve the energies and cultures of their groups? Jackie Barretta has had a 28-year history as a successful senior executive in Fortune 500 companies and Big Four consulting firms. Almost a year ago, she left her executive position to…

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Mentoring for Competitive Advantage – Dec 15,2011

Mentoring is the sort of soft activity often pushed aside for “more important” things — yet a modest commitment to mentoring can have big impacts across an organization — impacts that have huge bottom line impacts, like retaining senior staff, incre…

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Motivate with The Progress Principle – Amabile and Kramer – Dec 12,2011

Managers are far more powerful than they realize, at affecting the performance of the people who work for and with them. New research by Toms guests, Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, lay out three specific types of things we can do to boost performan…

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If You Will Lead – with Doug Moran – Nov 25,2011

Tom discusses leadership and character — and historical examples and lessons — with returning guest Doug Moran, who will share examples from his new book “If You Will Lead.” Doug is an expert on building character and the influence of character on l…

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Absolute Honesty – with Bob Phillips – Nov 21,2011

Absolute honesty is more than a good idea or even a great goal — its the only way to achieve the highest levels of organizational effectiveness. Former Intel HR honcho Bob Phillips shares his Six Steps for creating Absolute Honesty in the workplace.L…

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Forecasting – with Lynne White – Nov 15,2011

Learn the subtleties of effective business forecasting — why its important, and how to do it — with efficiency and effectiveness expert Lynne White. ( | TomOnLeadership | CEO | estimating | forecasting

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Recruiting 101 for CEOs – with Wendy Kent – Oct 29,2011

One of the CEOs jobs is building a team of senior leaders – and smart CEOs use top notch recruiters as their partners. Heres how to find and use a good recruiter and what to expect, from master recruiter Wendy Kent. Wendy has been recruiting in the sa…

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5 Steps of Negotiation – with Karen O’Keefe – Oct 28,2011

Five Steps toward better Negotiation – we revisit this topic with expert Karen OKeefe. OKeefe spent 20 years negotiating logistics contracts in one of the most competitive industries, and brings her experience to us – including how to prepare for a ne…

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