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Not Knowing Communication Styles can Sabotage your Work

Jim walked out of a recent meeting with his promising, smart new teammate, Jill, seething with frustration. “I can’t tell which Jill will show up — Jeckyll or Hyde,” he spluttered to his coach. Jim’s gestures were sharp, fast slashes at

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Evaluating Staff Performance

It’s the end of Q1 and my clients are once more asking about staff performance evaluations.For some, it’s the 2009 evaluation that’s late.  For others, it’s a quarterly review that’s on time.  And for others, it’s being triggered by a recent …

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Storytelling Redux with Seth Kahan

Following up on our recent interview of four experts on business storytelling, we drill down into the how-tos of good storytelling, including when to use which type of story. My returning guest is Seth Kahan of visionaryleadership.com, who will also di…

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