Month: April 2008

Effective Leader Communications – email

A client recently sent out this email to all staff at the medical clinic she owns. It’s a very effective email, because it does some key things right:Hello TEAM, I know you have been over next door checking on the progress and eagerly anticipating…

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Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Raise Performance

As Phil Rosenzweig discusses in his book “The Halo Effect”, you cannot create employee happiness and then turn that into high performance. In other words, no amount of company picnics and softball leagues will turn mediocre performers into stars.Go the…

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LinkedIn: Answers: Does participative goal setting improve employee performance?

LinkedIn: Answers: Does participative goal setting improve employee performance?Nasir Tajuddin, a Program Manager at Thames Business School, asks “Does participative goal setting improve employee performance?” He points out the research (Robbins 2003)…

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Troubled Projects and Low Morale

A client has a troubled software project. It’s a common story: senior management is making schedule decisions based on politics and on business imperatives, and is either shielded from, or is willfully ignoring, the reality on the ground – that the s…

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