Month: May 2008

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

(Just got the word from a client that he’s letting a key staff member go. I’ve been seeing this coming – here’s my response.)I’m sorry to hear it, yet I understand both the reasons you hired her and the reasons she isn’t working out. It does happen. …

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Tom on Leadership 2008-05-13 21:39:00

A client had to write a letter to staff about a client that had to be fired. Here’s most of that letter, with my response on how to take best advantage of a bad situation.Hey there, Team, S__ has been discharged (fired) from care from [clinic name…

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Getting Results

A big part of a leader’s job is to define, in the context of the organization, what “good” and “right” are. This goal is good, that behavior is no OK, etc.Here’s the tangible result of one team’s hard work. The lines on the graph each represent a dif…

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Empowerment and Good Delegation

One of my clients is moving to a new office, and just shared with her staff a list of tasks to be done. Her intent was for everybody to grab a task and pitch in.See if you can spot the problem I see with this list of tasks:Clean up the back entry, remo…

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