Month: June 2008

Getting More Results

Following up on a prior post, a medical clinic owner is continuing to get great performance improvements by focusing on some basic activities. This chart shows patient counts at the clinic, from a crisis point onwards. The initial jump was expected – …

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The Problem with Big Ideas

This past Friday I listened to my state’s top education official talk about the education bureaucracy’s Next Big Idea. This one is to raise the requirements a student must meet to graduate with a high school diploma in Oregon.High standards are a good…

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Landing a Sale with a Sample Procedure

I was recently hired because of a sample procedure. I was talking with a prospect about some of his issues, and suggested he would benefit from clearer documentation of how his people should perform key tasks. “Does your process for handling customer …

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Coaching and Mentoring

[Revised 6/5/08]As we see more people calling themselves “coaches” and offering their potentially nebulous services to the fully employed – and by “coaches” I must include those folks that a business associate refers to as “housewives with a certificat…

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