Getting More Results

Following up on a prior post, a medical clinic owner is continuing to get great performance improvements by focusing on some basic activities.

This chart shows patient counts at the clinic, from a crisis point onwards. The initial jump was expected – the long term growth is the result of patiently working on some core tasks with single minded focus:

I’m extremely proud of them and their turnaround, and I’m and confident of their continued success.

Nearly anybody can replicate these results by focusing on what Larry Dennis likes to call “the critical few” – the small number of critical tasks that really drive results.

For this client, it was marketing, it was selling internally to the practitioners the value of marketing, and scorekeeping around the marketing so people got feedback on their efforts. We determined that for every 1.5 person-hours spent on their particular approach to marketing, the clinic got one additional new client. That fact, plus tracking each person’s marketing hours, helped build the practice. So did leading by example.

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