Month: July 2008

Bob’s Turnaround – Assessment

For Bob, we started by meeting with his people and with him for many hours, to understand where he was mentally and also where the business was – where did they make money, where did they lose money, who was doing their job, who was not – and to pr…

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Psychology of a Turnaround

I was noticing, looking back on many postings and my outlines for some future ones, how much of my work is psychological in nature – I deal with a business owner’s attitudes and opinions, his habits and assumptions, far more than I deal with the deta…

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If at First you Don’t Succeed, Do Not Redefine Success

The old saying is true – if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. I used to pick on people who I thought gave up too easily, by putting this in their mouths: “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.”That sarcastic rewording came back to…

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Delegating – oh, yeah

Delegating is an evergreen issue. Every client seems to struggle with some aspect of it, and it’s a basic skill of a good leader – it’s part of the blocking and tackling, the meat and potatoes of running a company or a department.Here is a brief artic…

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