Who Can’t Tiger Woods Coach?

Unquestionably, Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world today. If you’re a golfer and he offered to coach you, you would jump at the chance.

In fact, any golfer in the world would love to be coached by Tiger Woods. There’s only one golfer in the whole world who we know would not benefit from being coached by Tiger Woods — and that is Tiger Woods.


Because coaching is not about being better at a task than the person coached. It’s about being objective. It’s about putting the other person’s goals first, and giving the mentee clear and direct feedback on progress against those goals.

Don’t get me wrong — the guy who coaches Tiger Woods is someone who knows a lot about golf. He knows a lot about Tiger, too. Yet his real value comes, not from being a better golfer than his client, but from being more objective than his client about his client’s performance.

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