Month: October 2008

Leadership and Storytelling

The most memorable form of teaching — and leading — is through storytelling. Every major world religion has a text that includes stories, fables, or parables. Every follower of a great leader has a story they would love to share with you, about how…

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Why "Work the System" Works

Why does an approach like “Work the System” work so well at improving results, improving morale, speeding up results and cutting costs?It’s simple. When you follow an approach like “Work the System” you have to simultaneously do these things:Tell peop…

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Beyond the Performance Review

From the Wall Street Journal, an idea for a better performance management tool than the much despised performance review:The alternative to one-side-accountable, boss-administered/subordinate-received performance reviews is two-side, reciprocally accou…

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Candid Dialog

I was reading an excellent book on business operations titled “Execution” — and I was struck by something I have seen in other management books that was stressed even more strongly in this one: the importance of robust, deep, honest dialog, especiall…

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