Leaders – Born or Bred?

Ever flip a coin to make a decision, and while the coin was still in the air you suddenly got clarity on what you wanted?

Blogger and author Mark Herbert recently touched on the ancient “nature vs. nurture” debate, this time regarding leaders. (This in the context of an excellent posting on the nature of personal responsibility.) Before I even read Mark’s opinion I suddenly knew my own: it has to be nurture, and it doesn’t matter how much is nature.

It has to be nurture because we would go mad living in a world where we couldn’t make ourselves or each other any better.

And it doesn’t matter how much is nature because that’s the part we cannot change and therefore we can largely ignore it, outside of hiring decisions.

To paraphrase an old saying: Focus on the things you can change, and learn to accept the things you cannot, and develop the wisdom to tell the difference.

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