Month: April 2009

Leadership Radio – Lineup

Here is the latest version of the show lineup, with past and future programs.

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Procrastination with Dr. Renate Reimann and Ben Hubbard

I came away from this program with a strong belief that procrastination can be beaten — and beaten almost easily.Procrastination is like driving into a narrow alley and finding it’s blocked by a brick wall — it’s a cul-de-sac. No amount of trying to…

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Procrastination and How to Beat It – Apr 24,2009

Procrastination – harmful to anybody, and doubly so to the leader. Scheduled guests include Renate Reimann, Ph.D. of, and Ben Hubbard, Director of Internal and Special Operations at | leadership | CEO …

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Procrastination Resources

In preparing for the 24-Apr-2009 show, I’ve uncovered the following resources regarding procrastination, in some form or flavor.Ian CoburnAuthor of “God is a Woman: Dating Disasters”www.godisawoman.netpsychotherapists Marilyn Kagan, LCSW, and Neil Einb…

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Habits of Leadership – Courage – with Perry Gruber

From the second half of the show:After taking my own angle on Courage, my belief that it’s a behavior, a skill, and something that can become a habit, and getting I think some agreement on that belief from Praf Pande, I had my beliefs challenged — ver…

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Habits of Leadership – Courage – with Praf Pande

Today’s radio interviews were on the general topic Leadership Habits. In times of stress, we fall back on our habits — good or bad. And it is in those times of stress that we most need to provide good leadership.Therefore, the reliable way to become a…

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Habits of Leadership – Courage – Apr 17,2009

Part of our Habits of Leadership series. What does “courage” mean for a leader? What does it look like, why is it important, and how can I develop more of it? Guests include leadership expert Perry Gruber of, and Prafulla Pande of w…

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Defining Leadership – an interview with Matt Edelman

In the second half hour of our program on “Defining Leadership” I interviewed Matt Edelman, founder and CEO of is leadership? Matt suggests looking at leaders as needing to be able to do three things:Listen, assimilate and integrate…

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Defining Leadership – an interview with Steve Balzac

Study the phenomenon known as Leadership and you’ll find there are new books published on the topic all the time — over 1,000 new books each month.This week’s interviews, with Steve Balzac and Matt Edelman, begin to define “What is Leadership?”Steve B…

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Defining Leadership – Apr 10,2009

Everyone knows what Leadership means… until we try to define it. Elusive as the definition may be, intuitively we know when it’s present, and when it is not. We explore definitions and experiences of Leadership with call-in guests including Stephen B…

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Big Response to Leadership Radio

The first two Leadership Radio episodes have been a remarkable success, and have attracted significant interest from listeners, and also from the over 100 CEOs who asked to be on the program.Sorry kids, I only take two at a time, and you must be this t…

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Effective Praise

I’ve talked before about praise (here, here, and here). So it’s natural I’d do a radio program on Effective Praise.Effective praise is one of those leadership skills that seems to come in only two varieties — there’s the natural and highly effective …

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Toxic Employees

The radio program on Toxic Employees was excellent, and was very thought provoking. The key elements include the importance of having a very clear vision of what behavior must be in order to be up to standards, and that leaders must show courage in def…

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Effective Praise – Apr 03,2009

According to new research from the Harvard Business Review, the wrong praise at the wrong time can harm workplace performance. We’ll talk about all the forms of feedback you can give your coworkers and employees, and how to best use praise. Scheduled g…

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