Effective Praise – Apr 03,2009


According to new research from the Harvard Business Review, the wrong praise at the wrong time can harm workplace performance. We’ll talk about all the forms of feedback you can give your coworkers and employees, and how to best use praise. Scheduled guests include Reut Schwartz-Hebron of the KindExcellence Institute (www.kindexcellence.com), and Larry Dennis of Turbo Leadership Systems (www.turbols.com). Reut Schwartz-Hebron is the owner and president of the KindExcellence Institute, an international consulting company training managers and teams worldwide. Reut is a speaker, a radio and TV guest expert and a published author of OUTSWIM THE SHARKS, ENIGMAS OF MANAGEMENT, and the upcoming MANAGEMENT THAT RUNS DEEP. Her career started in the Israeli military where she served as a lieutenant raking commander in an advisory role, she then went on to work with corporations like Avaya, Intel and other industry leaders introducing thinking and emotional techniques that allow a combination of kindness and excellence to become the most effective approach in business. Larry Dennis – As a dynamic motivational speaker, columnist, best selling author and trainer, Larry empowers teams to achieve “world class” performance.

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