Big Response to Leadership Radio

The first two Leadership Radio episodes have been a remarkable success, and have attracted significant interest from listeners, and also from the over 100 CEOs who asked to be on the program.

Sorry kids, I only take two at a time, and you must be this tall (he gestures) to ride.

I’m only filling the shows a few weeks in advance, usually by booking a primary guest (sometimes months away) and holding the second slot open until 1-2 weeks out. That means there’s still time to get yourself on board, particularly if you have a special story or perspective that would make you a compelling guest on one of the upcoming topics.

For dates after 6/12, I’m open to suggestions.

Those topics are:

4/10 “The Nature of Leadership” [guests: Steve Balzac and Matt Edelman]
4/17 “Habits of Leadership – Courage”
4/24 “Procrastination and How to Beat It”
5/1 “Habits of Leadership – The End of the Day”
5/8 “Who Cares about Vision?”
5/15 “Habits of Leadership – The First Hour of the Day”
5/22 “Positives and Negatives of the Confident Leader”
5/29 “Habits of Leadership – Sharing Credit”
6/5 “Operations and the Execution Oriented Leader”
6/12 “Habits of Leadership – Taking Blame and Admitting Fault”

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