Month: July 2009

Leadership and Team Formation

My guest for Leadership and Team Formation was returning guest Steve Balzac of the Boston-area firm Seven Steps Ahead LLC.The show was a whirlwind tour of issues around Teamwork and Team Formation:What’s a team?How do teams form?Things that stop team f…

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Leadership and Team Formation – Jul 31,2009

How can you turn a motley collection of random people into a high performance team? We ask the experts, including an encore interview with Boston-area expert Steve Balzac of “”.leadership | management | team | performance | team-buil…

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Coaching and Manners

This episode was on Coaching and on Manners — two ends of the leadership continuum. Coaching focuses on your self and your ability to lead, and manners looks at how you relate to people you may not know.My guests were Ingar Grev of The Growth Coach i…

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Leading with the Heart

My guest for this episode, “Leading with the Heart” was Ron Chapman of Magnetic North LLC. Ron is a finance guy and a veteran of GE and is a graduate of their in-house leadership training.By now we’ve heard from multiple guests that a crucial aspect o…

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Habits of Leadership – Coaching and Manners – Jul 24,2009

CEOs must be coaches and mentors, and the smart ones get coaching as well. A coach may be the one person a CEO works with whose only agenda is to help that CEO succeed even more. Why has coaching exploded in recent years, and what’s the real value? Who…

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"Leading with the Heart" with Ron Chapman – Jul 17,2009

“Leading with the Heart” with Ron Chapman ( – Effective leadership is a common thread shared by successful ventures as diverse as corporations, governments and social movements. Behind every extraordinary human endeavor, there …

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Leading Across Generations

Today’s program was on Leading Across Generations.Misti BurmeisterMy first guest was Misti Burmeister, the best-selling author of “From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies across Generations” and a recognized expert in cross-generational leadership…

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Leading Across Generations – Jul 10,2009

There are cultural differences between the Baby Boom generation and Gen X and Gen Y — differences big enough to make leading these groups a challenge. Guests are Misti Burmeister, author of “From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generati…

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