Habits of Leadership – Strategic Thinking and Planning – Aug 21,2009


We look at what’s involved in thinking and planning strategically. Our first guest is John Caslione, co-author (with Philip Kotler) of the book Chaotics: The Business of Marketing and Managing in The Age of Turbulance (published by AMACOM June 2009). Chaotics is a strategic handbook for business leaders — it describes the “Chaotics Behaviors” that can make companies stronger in any economy. Chaotics is about scenario planning, a crucial practice for those who seek to think and plan strategically. John Caslione is the founder, President, and CEO of GCS Business Capital LLC (“GCS”) (https://www.gcsbusinesscapital.com/), with offices in Chicago, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Milan. Our second guest is Pamela S. Harper, President of Business Advancement Inc. (https://www.businessadvance.com/) and author of critically acclaimed book “Preventing Strategic Gridlock”.

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