Month: September 2009

Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Tory Johnson of ABC talks to Carmine Gallo, author of the book “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” who touches on five things Jobs always does:Introduces a VillainTwitter-Friendly Headlines (MacAir: “The World’s Thinnest Notebook”)Sell Dreams Not …

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On Apology

Aaron Lazare has written an excellent book, On Apology.Lazare’s research says that the four components of a good apology areI did such-and-such an actionit harmed you in this wayI genuinely regret having done thisI am taking concrete steps to ensure th…

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The Stopwatch Method of Increasing Focus

My own name for it, a derivative of the STING method described by Rita Emmett. You decide explicitly what you are going to do (no wandering, wondering, or task switching — you have to be intentional) Before you start, you verify that you know how to d…

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Leader’s Role in Building a Marketing Process

The only processes you cannot outsource are leadership and marketing. As the CEO or business owner you’re responsible for ensuring that your marketing process is built out successfully and works well.Our two guest experts talked about how to do that.Mi…

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The Leader’s Role in Building a Marketing and Sales Process – Sep 25,2009

The only processes you cannot outsource are leadership and marketing. Guest Mitchell Goozé of the Customer Manufacturing Group, Inc. describes his vision for using the tools of Process Improvement to create a robust and powerful business system for ge…

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Leading Government Innovation

I delivered a talk on Leading Innovation yesterday to the Central and Western Regional Conference of the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA).  I’m delivering another version to the Intel crowd at the Hillsboro Chamber in a f…

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Procrastination Special

Following up on the very high ratings of my earlier program on Procrastination, we’re doing this special on the topic.Our four experts on the show were:Dr. Toni Galardi, Ph.D. of LifeQuake Enterprises DeAnna Radaj of Bante Design LLCRita Emmett of Emme…

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Special on Procrastination – Sep 22,2009

Four of the top experts on Procrastination, in four 15-minute interviews – how to spot Procrastination, diagnose it, beat it, and help others out of it. Guests include: Dr. Toni Galardi, Ph.D. of LifeQuake Enterprises DeAnna Radaj of Bante Design LLC R…

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Resources on Beating Procrastination

Resources on Beating Procrastination(To have your resource added, please leave a comment.)Dr. Nancy Irwin, PsyDSelfA trained opera singer turned stand-up comic turned psychotherapist, Dr. Nancy Irwin knows a thing or two about change. Author of the non…

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Orbiting the Truth about Leadership

Yesterday I was Board Host for a City Club of Portland talk by human brain researcher Dr. Paul Nussbaum, and got a brain-full of his brilliance about how our most valuable organ works, and how to make it work better.Listening to him, and later as I ref…

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Get More Done by Doing Less — the Zen of Productivity for Leaders

(Updated 01-Oct-2009 – see end of posting)If you hear the phrase “doing less and getting more” too often, it can start to make you numb — you want to believe, yet it’s not clear how you’re ever going to get there.There are four possible combinations o…

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Habits of Leadership – Doing Less – Sep 18,2009

My first guest is Marc Lesser, CEO of ZBA Associates LLC. He is developing and teaching a leadership program at Google called “Search Inside Yourself.” Marc was a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center for 10 years and is the author of Less: Accompli…

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Best Use of Surveys by Leaders

In Shakespeare’s play Henry V, the title character delivers a famous speech. “We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers” he says, and goes on to address every concern that his soldiers have, putting their fears to rest and infusing them with enthusiasm…

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Gathering Intelligence – the Best Use of Surveys by Leaders – Sep 11,2009

Leaders need accurate knowledge, and since Shakespeare’s Henry V they’ve used anonymous surveys and other tools to get it. We talk with John Russell of The Russell Consulting Group about employee surveys, customer surveys, how to use them and how not t…

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Helping your Self and your Followers to Stay Motivated

An attendee at one of my talks called me for advice.  Afterward, she asks:Tom:Thanks for your phone time yesterday.  Here is what I heard from our conversation: * When I start feeling overwhelmed, I can start by breaking it down into sma…

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