Personal Board of Directors – Sep 04,2009


Top performing leaders almost invariably have a formal or informal group of advisors and mentors, a sort of Personal Board of Directors, with whom they share their problems and from whom they seek advice and counsel. How can you create or improve your Personal Board of Directors? What should you be looking for from such a group, and how do you maintain it? Our first guest is Jack Bergstrand, CEO of Brand Velocity and author of Reinvent Your Enterprise, endorsed by The Drucker Institute. Our second guest, Richard Levick, Esq. is the President and CEO of Levick Strategic Communications, the largest crisis communications firm in the world, and author of three books including “STOP THE PRESSES: The Crisis and Litigation PR Desk Reference”. He is a frequent contributor to—the nation’s top crisis communications blog and his fourth book will be titled “Profit of Courage”.

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