Month: November 2009

Steve Ballmer on Time Management and Time Budgeting

The Walls Street Journal carries this excellent, brief video of Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft describing how he budgets his time for an entire year, while maintaining flexibility.See other videos in the Wall Street Journal’s “Lessons in Leadership” s…

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Controlling Your Own Emotions And Responses

How can we be better at controlling our emotions?  How can we actually choose how to respond to difficult situations, rather than merely reacting in some automatic and possibly destructive fashion?Most reactions have to do with a sense of loss-of-…

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Controlling Your Own Emotions And Responses – Nov 27,2009

Controlling Your Own Emotions And Responses. Guests include Beverly Flaxington, author of Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior, and Aila Accad, RN, MSN, speaker and author of 34 Instant | leadership |…

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Better Meetings – Use a Smarter Summary

This is so good I’m just passing it through in its entirety, slightly edited by my for formatting and clarity.Daily Tips for Consultants – Institute of Management Consultants USA:Posted By Mark Haas CMC FIMCQ: I just attended a meeting with my client a…

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Why Leaders Exercise

A trait often identified with strong leadership is physical fitness.  Now comes additional evidence that regular exercise makes you more positive and helps you resist stress.Note to all leaders – your role contains stressors that will tempt you to…

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Alignment Across Silos

Alignment Across SilosHow can we get teams working well across silo boundaries?Our first guest, Dr. Deana Pennington, is a Research Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico.  She studies the difficulties that scientists have i…

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Alignment Across Silos – Nov 20,2009

How can we get teams working well across silo boundaries? Experts including UNM’s Deana Pennington, and Tim Wilson of T.A. Wilson Associates, weigh | leadership | CEO | alignment | silos

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Quick Test of Your Own Delegation Skill

Think you just delegated something?  Don’t ask “do you understand?” — that question doesn’t work.Here are the two questions you should ask to find out if you did, in fact, delegate.What do you understand?Why is this task important?If the answers …

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Testing Time-Management Strategies –

Testing Time-Management Strategies – “No Time to Read This? Read This”Excellent overview of three time-management techniques. Definitely worth reading.

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The Work of Leadership

“Followers want comfort, stability, and solutions from their leaders.  But that’s babysitting.  Real leaders ask hard questions and knock people out of their comfort zones.  Then they manage the resulting distress.”   ~~ Ronald…

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Architecting your Sales Force

How does a business owner or CEO go about setting up an effective sales force?  In “Architecting your Sales Force” I ask Jeff Schneider and Scott Gustaff for their insights.Jeff suggests that a common practice — promoting a top sales person to be…

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Architecting your Sales Force – Nov 13,2009

Many CEOs come up from sales, and all of them are responsible for ensuring that the sales function works well. How should you set up and structure your sales force? We ask experts including Jeff Schneider of Sandler Sales Training, and Scott Gustaff, t…

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Reducing Stress

How can leaders – or anyone – systematically reduce stress?  On this week’s radio show on Reducing Stress we got the input of two experts, John Chappelear and Dr. Greg Nigh.John was a high-performing CEO of a multi-million dollar business who lost…

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Stress Reduction – Nov 06,2009

Reducing your stress, and leading others to reduce theirs. We get tips from returning expert John Chappelear, author of “The Daily Six”, and Dr Greg Nigh, a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist practicing at Nature Cures Clinic in downtown…

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