Better Meetings – Use a Smarter Summary

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Daily Tips for Consultants – Institute of Management Consultants USA:
Posted By Mark Haas CMC FIMC

Q: I just attended a meeting with my client and the assigned project team. Although there was a lot of really great ideas and approaches discussed, I fear that very little will be acted on and I’m not sure what to do.

A: Take the ‘soft’ initiative of preparing a summary of the meeting. Organize it in a smart and actionable manner. For instance, include key headings such as ‘Key Points Discussed’, ‘Issues/Root Causes Identified’, ‘Suggested Actions’, ‘Expected Benefits’, and ‘Open Questions’.

Here’s a short example…

Meeting Summary
Key Point Discussed: Uncommonly high rate of spoilage in inventory.
Root Cause Identified: Unacceptable level of refrigeration system temperature variation
Suggested Action: Purchase new refrigeration system.
Expected Benefit: The $17,000 cost should be recovered within 16 months based on demonstrable reduction of spoilage. In addition we should see a significant reduction in customer complaints and resulting loss of business.

Tip: Providing a blueprint for action in the form of a well-designed meeting summary will make it much easier for your client to act on the recommendations discussed.

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