Month: December 2009

Coaching Senior Executives

What is this thing called coaching?  How can CEOs and business owners tell if they themselves are coachable?  What does it take to successfully coach senior executives?I asked two returning experts, Susan Steinbrecher, founder of the lea…

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Coaching Senior Executives – Dec 18,2009

Coaching Senior Executives – in this show we ask: What’s the essence of coaching? How do I tell if I’m coaching well? How does group coaching differ from 1:1? What are the trade-offs? How do you coach a CEO – is it different from coaching someone else?…

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Never Manage Attitudes

A good leader should never, NEVER try to manage people’s attitudes.  Attitudes are a trailing indicator.If you’re unhappy with any person’s or group’s attitude, the way to fix that is to increase performance — because when people perform well at …

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Leading Lean

Hype around “lean” (and related terms like “Six Sigma” and “Kaizen” and so forth) has long been part of the business literature.  That hype doesn’t male Lean a good idea – nor a bad one.My experience around hyped business concepts is that there’s …

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Leading Lean – Dec 11,2009

Hype aside, what good is “lean” (sometimes called “kaizen”) management, how do you lead it, and does it have a place outside manufacturing? We talk with experts Mitch Gooze (The Customer Manufacturing Group) and Rick Pay (The R Pay Company LLC).managem…

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For Consultants – Getting Published, Getting Booked – Dec 08,2009

A special program for the CEOs and owners of consulting practices: how to get yourself published in magazines and booked to give speeches, and how those practices should be best leveraged to grow your business. Guest experts: 0:00 Vickie Sullivan (How …

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Obama’s Executive Style

This is an impressive piece of journalism, and it reveals what I see as a solid executive style by Obama.  That’s especially significant due to his relative lack of prior executive experience.What’s to like?Acknowledging when someone you disagree …

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Good Sticky vs Bad Sticky

Business relationships can be either transactional or relational, and can be non-sticky, good-sticky, or bad-sticky — and you want to embrace good-sticky and avoid bad-sticky.In a business relationship, what does it mean to be sticky?  It tells y…

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Leading More Effective Meetings

We often hear, and sometimes say, we hate meetings.  To be clearer – we hate bad meetings.  Even good leaders sometimes have bad meetings.  How can you lead a more effective meeting? Make your meetings:Short – start and stop on timeMeani…

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Leading More Effective Meetings – Dec 04,2009

Leading More Effective Meetings. Everybody has meetings and everybody says they hate them. How can we lead better meetings? We find out from Henry J. Evans of Dynamic Results, LLC and Jim Smith Jr. of JIMPACT Enterprises, Inc. management | leadership |…

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