Business Storytelling – Feb 12,2010


We talk with experts on business storytelling as a skill for sales and for establishing a corporate culture. Guests include: * Gayl Murphy, a veteran Hollywood correspondent, speaker, media and presentational business coach who has interviewed over 14,000 of the most famous celebrities and newsmakers in the world * Sean Buvala, the national director of, the largest online resource for storytelling and a full-time business coach who specializes in storytelling * Ginger Grant, holder of a PhD in storytelling * Seth Kahan worked for 13 years at the World Bank in Washington, DC where he pioneered the use of storytelling for large-scale change, contributing to the small team that took an unfunded idea and turned it into a $60 million program. Seth since has worked with CEOs and leaders at Shell Oil, the Peace Corps, NASA, and Prudential where he developed a storytelling program to increase the effectiveness of their top sales representatives

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