An Example of Brief, Clear Communication

I just received an email that impressed me in some perhaps subtle ways:


I have been asked to schedule a ½ hour (or so, if that is enough time) conference call for you and M__ . M___ is traveling heavily right now so we are looking into the first week of March. Would you be available Monday, March 1st from 3-3:30 PM orTuesday, March 2nd from 9-9:30 AM. If not, please advise me of your schedule and let’s get some time secured.

Thanks so much ~


Executive Assistant to the President

What struck me about this was the brevity, clarity, vigor, and sense of polite assertiveness.  In four sentences, I knew

  1. What the writer knew
  2. What her agenda was (schedule a call)
  3. What the options were
  4. What the escalation path was
  5. What the common goal was
I especially liked the firmness of the “let’s get this done” attitude, combined with the “we” sense of teaming up.
I seldom see so confident a communication that is also this respectful — of both me and the author herself.
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