Case Study – introducing a new retail product, the Flow Spoon – May 07,2010


In this unique Case Study episode of Tom on Leadership, we introduce a new real-world product, the Flow Spoon that has not yet been successfully marketed, sold or distributed. I will ask each expert to do three things: critique the existing Flow Spoon effort, to suggest one or more better approaches, and to draw some more general lessons that could apply to all products. The purpose is to use the case-study approach to highlight each expert’s unique genius and to enroll listeners in new ways of thinking about marketing, positioning, selling and distributing. Guests include: * Olga Kostrova, a founder and CEO of IdeaMama Ad Network * Wendy Robbins, who went from $10,000 in debt to make millions by co-inventing and marketing The Tingler head massager. She stars in an upcoming TV series with Kelly Ripa, showing women how to manufacture, distribute and pitch her invention to HSN. The show airs on TLC in September 2010. * Amy Wenslow of Products to Profits * Nicole Donnely

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