Guidance for the Newly Promoted – Part Two – Jul 30,2010


More guidance for the new CEO or any CEO with newly promoted staff. What should a person entering a new role do in their first 30 days? I interview Helen Wilkie, author of “The Hidden Profit Center” and creator of “The Manager’s Journey” 12-month program. She believes the first 30 days should be about observing, learning, listening, discussing, establishing relationships and planning how to move forward. She’ll explain how your 30-day plan differs if you have been promoted from within or brought in from outside. We’ll discuss her tool for new managers, The Manager’s Log, and even touch on the rest of The Manager’s Journey. Helen believes that while being appointed a manager is an event, becoming a manager is a journey. The first 30 days is the first stage of the journey, and it should form a reliable foundation for the rest of the journey to come. The first Stage in her program, The Manager’s Journey, is called The Manager’s Mindset. Switching to that mindset can be a tricky thing to manage.

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