A Superior Four-Letter Word

When you can step away from “I didn’t get what I wanted/expected and I find that frustrating” and instead embrace “I didn’t get what I wanted/expected and I find that interesting” — you’ve got the right attitude to dump your stress and have happier, more productive days.
I learned this from a computer systems admin I knew years ago.  Whenever I had an unexpected outcome I tended to use various four-letter words venting my frustration.  When he had his, he always used the same exact four-letter word: “Cool!”
For him every day was filled with two things:  systems that behaved as expected, and systems that taught him things.
Whenever I remember to use that perspective, I find myself feeling more relaxed, happier, and a lot faster at fixing problems.  The learning comes easier too.
You and your people can have those same days.  Avoid making yourself or another “wrong” and focus on staying curious, and learning.
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