More on Using Patents Strategically – Oct 08,2010


Part 2 on Patents: Many CEOs have patents in their asset mix, yet may not be using them to best strategic advantage. Others have options to acquire patent rights. How can a CEO best evaluate the strategic value of a patent, and how can patents best be used to create shareholder value? My guest is Laura Masurovsky, head patent litigation partner with the DC powerhouse Finnegan law firm, is a Harvard trained patent lawyer, entrepreneurship speaker on intellectual property, university professor, and author. Her new book “From Patent to IPO” is due out in early 2011. Laura Masurovsky is an Intellectual Property trial lawyer for multinational pharmaceutical, technology, and energy firms. When not in the courtroom Laura is an advisor to entrepreneurs, early stage companies, and venture capital firms. Her passion as a law professor, international lecturer, and author is helping people and companies protect and maximize the value of their ideas.

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