Creating Sustainable Profits through CEO Coaching

“$6 million a year call center rockets from 0.5% to 8% net profit in 9 months – and a 1,200% increase in profit year-over-year”


Corporate culture transformed from low- to high-accountability

After just two months of work, achieved best July in 3 years

Rapidly moved to sustained profitability after 15 years of roller coaster results

Protocall Profit Chart
cumulative monthly profit for 2010, 2009, and the period 2007-09

“Before this process, the biggest thing in my way was me. Now I’m acting like a CEO, and getting the best results we’ve seen in 10 years.” -Phil E.

Challenge Presented: Staff have a social services background – culture of being “nice” and avoiding confrontation or accountability. Management were unable to challenge poor performance or bad behavior; managers afraid to call staff forward to higher levels of performance.

What We Found: Looking at the whole context, we found that the CEO was sending the message that the managers were repeating – he had created and bought in to the belief that the staff were “at their limits” and needed to be handled with kid gloves. The staff rose (or rather, fell) to the level of the boss’ expectations.

Activities: We engaged the CEO in a six month intensive coaching experience, together with the CEOs of three other firms in unrelated industries. We challenged him to come up with a project that would dramatically reshape his firm’s culture, and radically boost its performance.

Results: Within 60 days of the end of the program, the firm was set to finish 2010 with a $120,000 profit – nearly 10 times larger than the average of the prior three years and over 12 times larger than 2009.

Outcome: The firm has enjoyed a steady increase in profits from 0.5% to 8%.

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