Month: May 2011

CEO’s Guide to Social Media Strategy – with Taylor Ellwood

Social media may be the new big thing — it’s also a desert of despair for too many entrepreneurs. For every big-city food cart vendor using Twitter to advertise lunch specials and bring in hungry workers, there’s a befuddled entrepreneur

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New Site for Tom on Leadership

Please go to the new home for Tom on Leadership, here:

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CEO’s Guide to Social Media Strategy – May 20,2011

What are the four things a CEO or business owner must know, to make effective use of social media? Taylor Ellwood tells us.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | social media | Taylor Ellwood

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Chuck Pattishall ( explains the concept of ‘followership’ and how it can transform performance in your organization.

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Followership – May 06,2011

Chuck Pattishall explains the concept of followership and how it can transform performance in your organization. and www.followershipintl.comLinked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Followership | Chuck Pattishall

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Why Lean Fails – and How to Make it Succeed

The great business breakthrough of the 20th Century may be Lean (and Six Sigma) — techniques that cut waste and can dramatically boost productivity. Yet many firms can’t make Lean work for them.

The big challenge for any company is “the ability to make things stick” — to be able to agree as a group to do things a new way, and then follow through and actually do it in that new way, consistently.

According to expert Rick Pay, known by his clients as “The Sherlock Holmes of Operations and Supply Chain,” the biggest enemy of Lean is Culture — specifically, Lean will fail if you attempt to introduce it into a hostile culture that resists change.

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