Month: August 2011

Fear, Openness and the “I Can Fire You” Effect

Fear is the biggest drag on productivity in most companies.  Even a tiny amount can stifle communication and slow down work.  Most often it’s the boss’ fault.  And most bosses are in denial about it. In coaching a newer C-level

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Turnarounds and Revitalizing – with Bob Papes – Aug 26,2011

Seasoned executive and turnaround expert Bob Papas will discuss the timely lessons of his two books, “Turnaround” and “Management During an Economic Crisis.”Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Turnaround | TomOnLeadership

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Best Practices for Meetings – 5 Manager Behaviors

kick it up a level and have excellent meetings, using these 5 Manager Behaviors:

Start and End on Time
Celebrate Behaviors
Share the Impact
Share Stories
Mine for Contribution and Conflict

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Visual Meetings – with David Sibbet – Aug 19,2011

David Sibbet of The Grove Consultants International “The Visual Meetings Company” describes how visual tools can transform the way people interact, what makes visuals effective, how to start using visual tools, and some traps to avoid. Linked2Leadersh…

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CEO’s Guide to Building a Team

CEOs must be team-builders.  The CEO’s top four responsibilities are: Forming a Strategy Budgeting and Allocating Capital Maintaining a Positive Culture Building a High Performing Senior Team “Building a team is essential, because the CEO doesn’t run the organization alone,”

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Innovation and Overcoming Inertia – with David Couper – Aug 12,2011

Innovation is crucial to business – and adopting an innovation can be very hard. Why is that, and how can we overcome it, leapfrog competitors and successfully adopt innovations that will bring us higher profits? A master of cross-departmental team dy…

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CEO’s Guide to Building a Team – with Richard Lazar – Aug 05,2011

The CEO has four major responsibilities, one of which is building a successful senior team. We find out how to do that, from a man who has done it: serial startup CEO Richard Lazar.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Senior Team | Richard Lazar

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Mentoring Best Practices

Mentoring is a crucial way to improve the leadership and management skills of your people.  I’ve been involved in a lot of different mentorship programs, most of which have failed despite good wishes and intentions on all sides. My Toastmaster’s

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Best Practices for Meetings – 5 Structural Elements

Most meetings suck. Yours can suck way less. Here are 5 structural elements that will make your meetings fast, fascinating, and effective — and how to implement each one.

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