Month: October 2011

Turnarounds and Revitalizing – with Bob Papes

Seasoned executive and turnaround expert Bob Papes discusses the timely lessons of his two books, “Turnaround” and “Management During an Economic Crisis.” (These are both out of print, unfortunately.) Bob has engineered five consecutive turnarounds of businesses in the $15

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Recruiting 101 for CEOs – with Wendy Kent – Oct 29,2011

One of the CEOs jobs is building a team of senior leaders – and smart CEOs use top notch recruiters as their partners. Heres how to find and use a good recruiter and what to expect, from master recruiter Wendy Kent. Wendy has been recruiting in the sa…

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5 Steps of Negotiation – with Karen O’Keefe – Oct 28,2011

Five Steps toward better Negotiation – we revisit this topic with expert Karen OKeefe. OKeefe spent 20 years negotiating logistics contracts in one of the most competitive industries, and brings her experience to us – including how to prepare for a ne…

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CEO’s Guide to Optimism and Purpose – Susan Steinbrecher – Oct 21,2011

How can the CEO lead by example in creating the sense of optimism and purpose that companies need to thrive? Susan Steinbrecher tells us, drawing from her new book “KENSHO: A Modern Awakening.”Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Culture | Opti…

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Sales and Channel Strategy – with Bill Etheredge – Oct 11,2011

How can CEOs and business owners respond to the sales challenges of the current economy – or any economy? World class sales expert Bill Etheredge explains. Bill has over 32 years built or rebuilt sales operations for six large firms and many small one…

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Candid Feedback Saves a Life

I recently saved someone’s life by giving him really candid feedback. On a recent Wednesday night I was at my weekly Toastmasters meeting, giving the General Evaluation. We were 62 minutes into our 75 minute program, and my job was

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