Month: November 2011

For two and a half years, the University of Oregon had an unusually high performing president. Under his leadership. the previously sleepy and mediocre school came alive. Donations began to flow in faster. Decisions got made quickly. Things started to …

Pernsteiner’s Folly Read More »

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Tom discusses leadership and character — and historical examples and lessons — with returning guest Doug Moran, who will share examples from his new book “If You Will Lead.” Doug is an expert on building character and the influence of character on l…

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Absolute honesty is more than a good idea or even a great goal — its the only way to achieve the highest levels of organizational effectiveness. Former Intel HR honcho Bob Phillips shares his Six Steps for creating Absolute Honesty in the workplace.L…

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Today the pressure is on for every greater forecasting accuracy — margins of error are smaller — yet the variables seem bigger and less predictable. Every business must forecast (or should). Yet over 90% of businesses make basic mistakes that …

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Learn the subtleties of effective business forecasting — why its important, and how to do it — with efficiency and effectiveness expert Lynne White. ( | TomOnLeadership | CEO | estimating | forecasting

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