Self Talk Using the Right Words – with Ronald Kaufman – Feb 25,2012

We look at how using the right words can create positive impressions in ourselves and others, to achieve positive results. We’re always creating an impression in ourselves and others by how we communicate, its going to be positive or negative, rarely in-between. About my Guest: Ronald Kaufman is a seminar leader and executive coach specializing in communication skills. For over 15 years, he’s been conducting workshops on public speaking, negotiation, media skills, selling, job interviewing, time management, and stress management. His clients include Microsoft, Baxter International, Texas Instruments, Dole Foods, IBM, and Hilton Hotels. He has a Master Certification in NLP, and is a certified trainer in Presentation Skills. Ron is also the author of the book “Anatomy of Success,” which is based on his goal setting and communication skills workshops.

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