Thomas’s Practice moves to Eudae LLC

My primary work is now the Becoming a Best Boss℠ (B3) Coaching and Training System. It synthesizes everything I’ve learned about business leadership into a clear, coherent, teachable system.

Starting in 2016, I’ve moved all my consulting and Organizational Development work formerly carried out under Cox Business Consulting, Inc. into a new entity, Eudae LLC.

I continue to offer executive mentoring and coaching to CEOs, business owners and senior executives under the Becoming a Best Boss℠ brand.

My goal is to make the Becoming a Best Boss℠ System the most cited, trusted, used, recommended, and effective system in the world for transforming ordinary people into extraordinary leaders and managers.

I’ll continue to write about leadership on the Tom on Leadership℠ website. Everything I learn and put into the B3 System will be visible, in some form or another, here.

Thank you for being part of my life purpose: to ensure that one day every worker will report to a Best Boss, and every manager will have access to the training needed for Becoming a Best Boss℠.