When Business is Great, What Should I Be Doing?

A CEO asks, “I’ve got my business running smoothly. My managers handle all the work. I’m doing strategy and vision. What else should I be working on?”

My answer:

You’re looking for a new challenge, or a new level of challenge. My suggestions:

  1. Work on making your managers good at growing OTHER managers below them (if the company is big enough). Create a culture of human development.
  2. Adopt Lean. When you embrace Lean, you systematically expose and overcome hidden problems in the business. (Lots of people get mad when they try to go Lean and then complain that it “didn’t make the work easier.” It’s not supposed to — Lean makes it harder to hide problems.
  3. Create a franchise. This requires you to formalize your systems and document them. It’ll allow your managers to go out and open their own franchises if they want to, growing the firm’s reach and creating jobs and wealth. This is a ton of work, and when combined with Lean can lead to outstanding results.

A great book for you might be “Sys-Tao” by Bob Browne [1].


[1] SYS-TAO: Western Logic ~ Eastern Flow: An Emerging Leadership Philosophy eBook: Bob Browne: Kindle Store

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