How to Become a Trusted Executive

How to Become a Trusted Executive

ToL Podcast Posting Image 161 BlakeyI interviewed John Blakey, author of The Trusted Executive: Nine Leadership Habits that Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation.

This book is now my #1 favorite resource for building trust — and building trust is at the heart of Stage Three, “Inspire Loyalty,” of the Becoming a Best Boss four-stage path to extraordinary leadership.

John is working on his PhD, on the role of CEO leadership in building personal and organizational trust — and that PhD thesis forms the heart of this book, so it’s very thoroughly researched and sourced. This solid theoretical foundation is brought to life with his extensive personal experiences.

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John’s background prepared him well to write this book: he’s a leading executive coach and board advisor working with CEOs and elite sport coaches around the globe. His business experience includes time as a Fast Track 100 entrepreneur, FTSE100 International Managing Director and Chair/Director of a number of voluntary organizations. He is a regular speaker at international business conferences and is an advisory board Chair for Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization. John has an MBA from Aston Business School.

What Is Trust?

John builds his model of trust on Shawn Burke’s (2007) three pillars:

  • Performance – Do you deliver results? Are you reliable? Do you help others do their jobs better?
  • Integrity – Are you honest? Are you open (can we see your emotions and intentions)? Are you humble?
  • Benevolence – see below.

Where to Start

John recommends starting work with growing your Benevolence, meaning, developing the inner attributes of a person who has other people’s best interests at heart. Benevolence shows up in three ways:

  • Evangelizing (believing in a positive vision; and noticing the good things happening and pointing them out)
  • Being Brave (having the courage to challenge the group, and risk social rejection for the sake of better serving the group)
  • Being Kind (going above and beyond; acting in thoughtful ways that are unexpected; practicing random acts of kindness)

Ready to take your trust practices to a higher level? Buy the book, and ask to join John’s exclusive Trusted Executive group on LinkedIn.

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