Thomas Cox to Keynote at Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Beaverton, Ore., November 21, 2016 —

Becoming a Best Boss today announced its Director, Thomas Cox, has been invited to give the keynote speech to the 2017 Toastmasters Leadership Institute to be held in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Titled “The Only Universal Truth of Leadership,” the keynote challenges attendees to rethink their concept of leadership, and what it means to be a leader and a follower.

“It’s a great honor,” said Mr. Cox. “Toastmasters helped me learn both speaking and leadership. I’m pleased to be giving back to a great organization.”

The core message of “The Only Universal Truth of Leadership” is that every leader is unique, so studying leaders exclusively is useless. Leader-focused leadership never leads to useful, actionable insights, says Cox. “Leader biographies are interesting and the stories can be helpful in forming your own personal leadership philosophy, but no direct guidance can be gleaned.”

By contrast every follower wants the same thing, so studying followers and the leader-follower relationship opens up a vast number of extremely useful insights that allow any ordinary person to become an extraordinary leader.

“Every follower craves two things: to be emotionally and psychologically safe in the team, and to be pushed into growth and toward excellence,” said Cox.

This can be proven, says Cox, by asking any large group of people to name and describe the best boss they ever had, and listening closely to their answers.

As you ask each person to describe what their own best boss did, that was special and different, everyone will give answers that fall into two buckets, said Cox: “Kept me safe, and made me grow.” Every great boss does both, he insists.

When a leader does both of these things, team members have peak work experiences that they remember for a lifetime. Their individual productivity and group effectiveness approach their maximum, and each person is growing at close to their maximum rate of personal improvement.

The results on business or organizational performance is unmatched, said Cox.

Cox created his own leadership training system based on these insights, called Becoming a Best Boss, in honor of the “keep them safe and make them grow” insight derived from the questions about one’s best boss ever.

Cox credits three influences in particular for helping him understand the unique experience that people get when they work for their best boss: speaker and author Susan Steinbrecher, author of The 2R Manager Pete Friedes, and Prof. Richard Boyatzis of Case Western University.

The 2017 Toastmasters Leadership Institute hosted by District 7 Toastmasters will be held at Wilsonville High School in January, 2017.

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