Becoming a Best Boss

b3-i-am-your-boss-454867_1280Who’s the best boss you ever had?

What made him or her your best boss? Reduce it to one phrase.

What’s the phrase?

I’ve asked this of thousands of people. Susan Steinbrecher has asked it of tens of thousands.

They all say the same thing, that “my Best Boss:

  • trusted me
  • respected me
  • challenged me
  • supported me
  • cared about me as a person
  • believed in me more than I believed in myself”

…and on and on.

These answers all fall into two buckets: “Kept me safe” and “Made me grow.”

That’s what makes someone a Best Boss — the ability to do both of these things at once, consistently.

Keep your people safe. Make your people grow.

This is like stock market advice: “Buy low; sell high.” Simple — just not easy.

That’s why I created “Becoming a Best Boss Training & Coaching”. I walk you through the stages of actually becoming the kind of leader that your people will call “the best boss I ever had.”

The four Levels of Growth to Becoming a Best Boss:

  • Level 1: Know your own work style, so you always show up on time and prepared
  • Level 2: Grow your emotional maturity, so you create a circle of calm around yourself
  • Level 3: Learn the techniques of inspiring loyalty
  • Level 4: Learn the techniques of demanding excellence and pushing people into growth

Ready to commit to the continual improvement required for Becoming a Best Boss? You can take your first step right now:

Take the Level 1 Self-Leadership Profile to better know and manage yourself.

Or, learn more about Best Boss Coaching here.

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