Leadership Speaking (Book Tom to Speak)

Imagine Your Managers, Excited to Become Leaders

Most supervisors and managers are in a position to lead, but don’t.

It’s not their fault. The skills of leadership are rarely taught, and most speaking and training on the topic is “true but useless” platitudes, or empty rah-rah posturing, or pure snake oil.

Give them something better.

Tom can transform reluctant managers and supervisors into excited, engaged leaders-to-be, ready to master their craft of creating outstanding teams.

If you feel your people deserve the best leadership, then you need to give them Tom on Leadership.

Tom’s groundbreaking talk, The Only Universal Truth of Leadership, has been described as the newest and freshest perspective on leadership — yet Tom proves his points using the memories and experiences of the audience. Nobody walks out doubting the message, because they prove it to themselves under Tom’s expert guidance.

Audience members leave ready to dedicate themselves to their own unique leadership journey.


Here are resources you may need:

Thomas’s photo (here)

Thomas’s bio (at end of this page)

Thomas’s introduction (use ‘short bio’ below on this page)

Here’s a list of Thomas’s current talks.  This list is revised a few times a year.

  • Becoming a “Best Boss” – Four Steps to Greater Loyalty and Higher Performance
  • The Only Universal Truth of Leadership – the single insight that will improve how you lead, follow, parent, and engage with your friends

Thomas’s AV Requirements:

Thomas will work with you to fit in with the resources you have, to create the audience experience you desire.  The most common A/V resources for Thomas’s talks are:

  • Projector for PowerPoint slides
  • Handouts duplicated by you in advance
  • Lavalier (lapel) wireless microphone, amp and speakers, where available
  • 2 Flip Charts on Easels, with Markers and Blue Tape


Short Bio

Thomas Cox is a professional speaker, trainer and coach. He trains and coaches CEOs and business owners on how to get better results through more effective leadership. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Thomas earned his four-year degree in psychology in just three years, with honors. Thomas believes that Eudaemonism (you-DAY-mon-ism), the philosophy of human thriving, is humanity’s best hope for creating engaged and productive workplaces.


Long Bio

Mr. Cox is a consultant, author and speaker. He has worked in industries ranging from retail to wholesale to manufacturing to government to software to business services. He has worked for IBM, Oracle, Tektronix, ODOT, Intel, Standard Insurance, and many others.

Thomas’s results for his clients are impressive:

  • For a direct-mail retailer, tripled inventory counting speed and reduced errors 75%
  • For a sales force leaving voice mails, quadrupled the call-back rate
  • For a financial advisor, increased referrals by 6 to 1
  • A proponent of “do less, get more” Thomas coached a sales manager to cut activity by 40% while growing sales 50% — a 250% performance improvement

Thomas has a unique ability to work across industry boundaries. If your business involves people, Thomas can help you.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Thomas earned his four-year degree in psychology in just three years, with honors.

Thomas is the author of one book, countless articles, and he co-authored a chapter on Metrics and Performance Improvement for a textbook on Medical Trauma Care.

Thomas believes that Eudaimonism, the philosophy of human thriving, is humanity’s best hope for creating engaged and productive workplaces.