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I always hear how much meetings suck.  (If you lead meetings, you’ll find detailed guidance on making your meetings better here, here, and here.) But what if you’re not leading the meeting — what if you’re just suffering through it? …

How to Participate in a Meeting Read More »

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Jake is a terrific member of his fast-growing company’s senior leadership team. His boss Darcy, the owner, is a sweet lady with great personal skills. That complements Jake’s tough, task-oriented, ramrod approach. Odds are good Darcy will one day sell …

How to be Less Demanding and More Effective Read More »

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CEOs often have senior leaders who don’t “get a seat at the strategy table.” These are usually Directors or VPs who oversee support functions — this happens most notoriously with directors of HR and IT. It’s a tremendous lost opportunity, …

How to make your Team more Strategic Read More »

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  Good meetings are the nerve centers of a good organization.  Here are the three meetings every organization should have – and how to make yours better. Meeting 1 – the Daily Huddle Duration: 5 to 15 minutes. Purpose: Prepare …

Three Mandatory Meetings Read More »

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Some of our biggest problems are self inflicted. One of the worst is a mental mistake called “judging others by ourselves.” Young children do this all time. If they like lollipops, they just assume everybody likes lollipops. Young managers do …

No More Lollipops Read More »

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“Aren’t I coddling him?” asks Sara, my client.  I’m coaching her on handling her emotionally explosive subordinate, Joan, who a week earlier had erupted in a fit of yelling, then had dropped her ID card on Sara’s desk and gone home. …

Leading isn’t Coddling – How to Manage Someone who Can’t say “No” Read More »

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Of the CEO’s four major responsibilities — Culture, Budget, Strategy, and building the senior Team — I believe the hardest and most important is building the team. Jim Collins, the author of “Good to Great” and “Great by Choice” among …

Recruiting 101 for CEOs – with Wendy Kent Read More »

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Today the pressure is on for every greater forecasting accuracy — margins of error are smaller — yet the variables seem bigger and less predictable. Every business must forecast (or should). Yet over 90% of businesses make basic mistakes that …

Accurate Forecasting – with Lynne White Read More »

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We need more trust in the workplace.

According to data collected by Stephen M R Covey, high trust teams and companies out-perform their low trust competitors by 4 to 1. High trust, in addition to being more profitable, is also less stressful and more fun. Here’s one thing you can do immediately to start raising trust levels in your own immediate circle at work — with the humble job description.

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Most meetings suck. Yours can suck way less. Here are 5 structural elements that will make your meetings fast, fascinating, and effective — and how to implement each one.

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Unleash the Power of Focus

  • Capture More Time More Effectively
  • 5 steps to conquer your inbox and be a slave to email no more
  • How processes can save you time, improve communication and make your customers happy
  • Stop living in reaction mode, create a schedule that gets things done

Guest expert is Christine Giri of Time Tamer Consulting.

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The whole concept of “work life balance” may be completely wrong. Rather than a zero-sum game — give up work hours to gain play time — new research shows we can turbocharge our work time by investing in and prioritizing play.

“The key,” says energy expert Al Lee, is to “rhythmically create, spend, and renew energy.” The result is highly productive workdays that don’t leave you exhausted.

Ultimately, powerful results do not come from grinding ourselves down, burning ourselves out or using ourselves up. Our best performance comes from working in harmony with the rhythmic way our brains and bodies want to work.

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Email has become the scourge of the C-Suite. Executives may be wasting 1 to 2 hours a day due to bad email habits. Here are three habits for more effective email:

1. Eliminate Tasks and Emails
2. Write Better Emails
3. Stop Re-Processing

(read the details)

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In today’s business world, the old time management techniques are no longer enough. With the increasing pace of change, the pressures of downsizing and the growing expectation of instant communication and fast responsiveness, the tools and practices you used to manage your time are outdated. Here are seven rules for extreme time management that will put you back in control of your time and your life.

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You need more stress.  The good kind, not the bad kind.

Sadly, most people seem to make one of two mistakes.  Either they embrace the worst sort of toxic stress — dramatically reducing their work effectiveness and that of their people … or they mistakenly treat all stress as bad — denying themselves the growth and rewards of good stress.

CEOs fail here all the time.

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