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After the merger or acquisition, the hard work starts — getting two groups to work cooperatively together. When things go badly, smart CEOs call someone like Christine Grimm, who specializes in handling the most difficult client situations. Fully 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver value, often because of a mis-match between cultures. Chris tells us how to do it right.

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CEOs — and others in the C-Suite — can find themselves in a bubble, an alternate reality, detached from what’s really happening in the business.
Here is how you can figure out if you’re in a bubble like that, and how you can get out. And if you’re not a CEO, here’s what you can learn from this phenomenon.
Jill is the CEO of a firm staffed with “helping” professionals — largely social workers. She prided herself on the firm’s positive culture, the zero-tolerance policy toward workplace misbehavior, and the happiness of her employees.
Unfortunately it was all an illusion. She found that out by accidentally uncovering one supervisor’s racket of extorting prescription drugs from his direct reports and intimidating them — something he’d been doing for over a year — and none of the dozen people who knew about it had ever reported it or complained. None of Jill’s beloved culture really existed outside her “CEO bubble.”

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“Embrace your constraints,” my friend Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of the interactive agency Pop Art, tells his staff — and now HBR comes with proof he’s right. As Uri Neren writes, of the 162 innovation methodologies he and his colleagues have …

Key to Innovation is Scarcity Read More »

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“$6 million a year call center rockets from 0.5% to 8% net profit in 9 months – and a 1,200% increase in profit year-over-year”


Corporate culture transformed from low- to high-accountability

After just two months of work, achieved best July in 3 years

Rapidly moved to sustained profitability after 15 years of roller coaster results

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