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The Thrust of Two Widows: How to Make Your Conflicts Constructive

In fencing, there is a maneuver called “the thrust of two widows” — where the fencers both lunge, neither blocks, and they each succeed in killing the other one. It’s generally considered something of a failure. Fencing students are warned against it…

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Relating and Requiring – the 2R Manager

Is there natural tension between getting along with your people and asking them to perform — between Relating and Requiring? No, says Pete Friedes, retired CEO of the international HR consulting powerhouse Hewitt Associates. He discussed his book “The…

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The Listening Leader

Why is listening so powerful, and how can we use listening to be more effective leaders? (Listen to the full interview here.)As my guest Mark Goulston hints in the subtitle of his book “Just Listen – Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely…

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The Listening Leader – Jan 15,2010

Mark Goulston is the author of Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone (AMACOM; September 15, 2009). He is a psychiatrist, business consultant, executive coach, and a hostage-negotiation trainer for the FBI. A best-sell…

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Handling Toxic Coworkers and Bosses

What are toxic behaviors really?  Is it more than just a personality conflict?  Yes – toxic behaviors obstruct performance.  My experts were Mitch Kusy and Elizabeth Holloway, co-authors of “Toxic Workplace!: Managing Toxic Personal…

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Handling Toxic Co-Workers and Bosses – Jan 08,2010

Handling Toxic Co-Workers and Bossesmanagement | leadership | CEO | toxic | co-worker

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Never Manage Attitudes

A good leader should never, NEVER try to manage people’s attitudes.  Attitudes are a trailing indicator.If you’re unhappy with any person’s or group’s attitude, the way to fix that is to increase performance — because when people perform well at …

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Controlling Your Own Emotions And Responses

How can we be better at controlling our emotions?  How can we actually choose how to respond to difficult situations, rather than merely reacting in some automatic and possibly destructive fashion?Most reactions have to do with a sense of loss-of-…

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Controlling Your Own Emotions And Responses – Nov 27,2009

Controlling Your Own Emotions And Responses. Guests include Beverly Flaxington, author of Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior, and Aila Accad, RN, MSN, speaker and author of 34 Instant Stress-Busters.management | leadership |…

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Why Leaders Exercise

A trait often identified with strong leadership is physical fitness.  Now comes additional evidence that regular exercise makes you more positive and helps you resist stress.Note to all leaders – your role contains stressors that will tempt you to…

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Reducing Stress

How can leaders – or anyone – systematically reduce stress?  On this week’s radio show on Reducing Stress we got the input of two experts, John Chappelear and Dr. Greg Nigh.John was a high-performing CEO of a multi-million dollar business who lost…

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Stress Reduction – Nov 06,2009

Reducing your stress, and leading others to reduce theirs. We get tips from returning expert John Chappelear, author of “The Daily Six”, and Dr Greg Nigh, a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist practicing at Nature Cures Clinic in downtown…

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Leading with the Heart

My guest for this episode, “Leading with the Heart” was Ron Chapman of Magnetic North LLC. Ron is a finance guy and a veteran of GE and is a graduate of their in-house leadership training.By now we’ve heard from multiple guests that a crucial aspect o…

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Habits of Leadership – Taking Blame and Admitting Fault

My guests for this episode were Kate Westin of CWA Connect and Dr. Gregg Steinberg, author of Full Throttle.Kate draws a critical distinction between “blame” and accountability. We’ll get much more organizational benefit from accountability, and very l…

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Habits of Leadership – Taking Blame and Admitting Fault – Jun 12,2009

Part of our Habits of Leadership series – we look at how a leader should, and should not, admit fault and take blame, what it means to hold oneself accountable, and how it affects the rest of the organization. Guests include Kate Westin of CWA Connect,…

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