Tools for developing a Business/Corporate CULTURE (related to the business/working atmosphere)

Mentoring for Competitive Advantage – Dec 15,2011

Mentoring is the sort of soft activity often pushed aside for “more important” things — yet a modest commitment to mentoring can have big impacts across an organization — impacts that have huge bottom line impacts, like retaining senior staff, incre…

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Absolute Honesty – with Bob Phillips – Nov 21,2011

Absolute honesty is more than a good idea or even a great goal — its the only way to achieve the highest levels of organizational effectiveness. Former Intel HR honcho Bob Phillips shares his Six Steps for creating Absolute Honesty in the workplace.L…

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Candid Feedback Saves a Life

I recently saved someone’s life by giving him really candid feedback. On a recent Wednesday night I was at my weekly Toastmasters meeting, giving the General Evaluation. We were 62 minutes into our 75 minute program, and my job was

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Creating a Culture of Action – with Rick Pay – Apr 29,2011

“Lean” expert and turnaround executive Rick Pay describes the importance – and the steps involved – in Creating a Culture of Action.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Rick Pay | Culture of Action

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The Silent Cost of Incivility

Toxic incivility in the workplace is costing money, driving away the best employees — it’s even killing people. Don’t believe it? A recent study by VitalSmarts and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) found examples like these: A pharmacist

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Clueless in the C-Suite

CEOs — and others in the C-Suite — can find themselves in a bubble, an alternate reality, detached from what’s really happening in the business.
Here is how you can figure out if you’re in a bubble like that, and how you can get out. And if you’re not a CEO, here’s what you can learn from this phenomenon.
Jill is the CEO of a firm staffed with “helping” professionals — largely social workers. She prided herself on the firm’s positive culture, the zero-tolerance policy toward workplace misbehavior, and the happiness of her employees.
Unfortunately it was all an illusion. She found that out by accidentally uncovering one supervisor’s racket of extorting prescription drugs from his direct reports and intimidating them — something he’d been doing for over a year — and none of the dozen people who knew about it had ever reported it or complained. None of Jill’s beloved culture really existed outside her “CEO bubble.”

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Cultivating Creativity with Bob Lieberman

Many CEOs feel creativity should be limited to new-product development and advertising.  They are missing out in a big way. As we learned from John Bernard a few weeks ago, a key differentiator among businesses is how many employee ideas for impro…

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Cultivating Creativity with Bob Lieberman – Dec 30,2010

Bob Lieberman of Cultivating Creativity describes how he teaches senior leaders to cultivate creativity in their firms – and what all professionals can learn about this crucial skill set.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Cultivating Creativit…

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Avoiding the Arrogance of "Hard for You, Easy for Me"

If I had a nickel for every time a client said “I don’t understand why people can’t just…” I would be rich.Last week a coaching client related her struggles with her co-workers. She manages projects and has higher standards than almost anyone else i…

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Managing in the NOW with John Bernard

There’s a business revolution coming, believes management guru and author John Bernard. He wants you to be ready for it. It’s called “Managing in the NOW.”  (Listen to the interview is here.)Executing in the NOW means that “every employee can…

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The CEO and Organizational Development – Nov 05,2010

The CEO must know enough about Organizational Development to either do it, or delegate it intelligently and oversee it. A great resource for that is Steven Balzac’s new book, “The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development.”TomOnLeadershi…

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Power of High Standards

If you have time, read this excellent (long) article on the power of high standards, by David Maister.Here’s a key quote, from his study of 5,500 people in 139 offices around the world.Nine factors account for more than 50 percent of all profit differe…

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Two Stories of Trust

Two stories of trust.Liz, a massage therapist, was asked by the new restauranteur who moved in up the block to give him some feedback during his “soft opening.” She gave honest constructive feedback, and he yelled at her. She went to her office and c…

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How do we Make it Safe to Admit Mistakes?

How can an organization create an environment where it’s safe for people to say ‘here’s the part I got wrong’ and ‘this was my mistake’ and otherwise speak honestly about what they can do, what they learned, how they personally contributed to the probl…

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Picking Talent – Aug 27,2010

Since early 2009, George Anders has been researching and writing a new book about how we pick talent in America. As we move into a post-industrial society, organizations that succeed are more dependent than ever on getting the right people on their tea…

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