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George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Tiny teams can work fine for years with purely informal communication — called “mutual adjustment.” This is shown when two friends wash dishes …

How to Create Team Harmony with an Email Protocol Read More »

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Unleash the Power of Focus

  • Capture More Time More Effectively
  • 5 steps to conquer your inbox and be a slave to email no more
  • How processes can save you time, improve communication and make your customers happy
  • Stop living in reaction mode, create a schedule that gets things done

Guest expert is Christine Giri of Time Tamer Consulting.

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Email has become the scourge of the C-Suite. Executives may be wasting 1 to 2 hours a day due to bad email habits. Here are three habits for more effective email:

1. Eliminate Tasks and Emails
2. Write Better Emails
3. Stop Re-Processing

(read the details)

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In today’s business world, the old time management techniques are no longer enough. With the increasing pace of change, the pressures of downsizing and the growing expectation of instant communication and fast responsiveness, the tools and practices you used to manage your time are outdated. Here are seven rules for extreme time management that will put you back in control of your time and your life.

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There are two groups of topics I cover — issues unique to CEOs and business owners, and topics more universal that I know many CEOs care deeply about.  This topic is the latter — Email Sanity.I found the perfect resource for this hour-long inter…

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(Updated 01-Oct-2009 – see end of posting)If you hear the phrase “doing less and getting more” too often, it can start to make you numb — you want to believe, yet it’s not clear how you’re ever going to get there.There are four possible combinations o…

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Is multitasking bad?Given what most people mean by multi-tasking — that is, doing two or more tasks simultaneously, the short answer is, yes it is bad.There are people who think they are productive multitaskers.  They are, the science is beginnin…

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A client recently sent out this email to all staff at the medical clinic she owns. It’s a very effective email, because it does some key things right:Hello TEAM, I know you have been over next door checking on the progress and eagerly anticipating…

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