Tools for developing corporate strategy (related to business as a structure)

Forecasting – with Lynne White – Nov 15,2011

Learn the subtleties of effective business forecasting — why its important, and how to do it — with efficiency and effectiveness expert Lynne White. (www.lynnemwhite.com)Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | estimating | forecasting

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5 Steps of Negotiation – with Karen O’Keefe – Oct 28,2011

Five Steps toward better Negotiation – we revisit this topic with expert Karen OKeefe. OKeefe spent 20 years negotiating logistics contracts in one of the most competitive industries, and brings her experience to us – including how to prepare for a ne…

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Sales and Channel Strategy – with Bill Etheredge – Oct 11,2011

How can CEOs and business owners respond to the sales challenges of the current economy – or any economy? World class sales expert Bill Etheredge explains. Bill has over 32 years built or rebuilt sales operations for six large firms and many small one…

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Visual Meetings – with David Sibbet – Aug 19,2011

David Sibbet of The Grove Consultants International “The Visual Meetings Company” describes how visual tools can transform the way people interact, what makes visuals effective, how to start using visual tools, and some traps to avoid. Linked2Leadersh…

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Negotiation – with Mitch Priestley – Jul 15,2011

Expert negotiator Mitch Priestly shares his guidance for how all of us can be better negotiators.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Negotiation | Podcast

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Profitable Transitions – with Jim Grew

Transitions are dangerous times for any business – not just when a firm is bought or sold, or when there’s a new CEO – and they are also times of tremendous opportunity. One person who excels at turning transitions into

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CEO’s Guide to Crisis Communications – Jun 24,2011

How to communicate in a crisis – and how to prepare for one. With Casey Boggs and Siouxsie Jennett.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Crisis Communications | Siouxsie Jennett

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Profitable Transitions with Jim Grew – Jun 17,2011

Transitions are inevitable. Making them profitable isnt. We ask Jim Grew how he ensures that his clents transitions are profitable — and how we can apply his lessons.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Profitable Transitions | Jim Grew

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CEO’s Guide to Social Media Strategy – with Taylor Ellwood

Social media may be the new big thing — it’s also a desert of despair for too many entrepreneurs. For every big-city food cart vendor using Twitter to advertise lunch specials and bring in hungry workers, there’s a befuddled entrepreneur

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CEO’s Guide to Social Media Strategy – May 20,2011

What are the four things a CEO or business owner must know, to make effective use of social media? Taylor Ellwood tells us.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | social media | Taylor Ellwood

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Why Lean Fails – and How to Make it Succeed

The great business breakthrough of the 20th Century may be Lean (and Six Sigma) — techniques that cut waste and can dramatically boost productivity. Yet many firms can’t make Lean work for them.

The big challenge for any company is “the ability to make things stick” — to be able to agree as a group to do things a new way, and then follow through and actually do it in that new way, consistently.

According to expert Rick Pay, known by his clients as “The Sherlock Holmes of Operations and Supply Chain,” the biggest enemy of Lean is Culture — specifically, Lean will fail if you attempt to introduce it into a hostile culture that resists change.

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Retail Excellence with Kevin Leahy – Apr 15,2011

Guest expert Kevin Leahy, veteran of Meier and Frank and long time student of what makes retail businesses work, will share his guidance on what any retailer should be looking at — both advanced tips and fundamentals.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadersh…

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Rescue the Problem Project with Todd Williams

As CEO you are the last line of defense in stopping a problem project from spinning out-of-control.  How can you ensure that projects stay on track — and when they do not, how do you identify them, and save them

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Rescue the Problem Project with Todd Williams – Mar 18,2011

Author Todd Williams describes his method for identifying, preventing, and recovering from project failure.Linked2Leadership | TomOnLeadership | CEO | Resue the Problem Project | Todd Williams

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You Need More Stress

You need more stress.  The good kind, not the bad kind.

Sadly, most people seem to make one of two mistakes.  Either they embrace the worst sort of toxic stress — dramatically reducing their work effectiveness and that of their people … or they mistakenly treat all stress as bad — denying themselves the growth and rewards of good stress.

CEOs fail here all the time.

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