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How to Make Your Team Resilient

Resilience is the ability of a team to perform well — reliably, correctly, quickly — under extreme pressure. What makes a team resilient, and how do you as a leader make your team resilient? Ron Steed has studied this for

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Working in Sync – with Whit Mitchell

We can judge education and points of wisdom by their impact on long term success. If you were to go back to 11 of your clients 25 years later, what would you find? How would they remember you? That’s what

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Six Steps to Solving a Problem

Paula and her boss Sue were driving each other nuts.  (As their coach I got to see it up close.) Paula needed to hire more staff.  Her “reasonable” proposal got “shot down” by Sue, who sent it back with a

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Best Practices for Meetings – 5 Structural Elements

Most meetings suck. Yours can suck way less. Here are 5 structural elements that will make your meetings fast, fascinating, and effective — and how to implement each one.

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Profitable Transitions – with Jim Grew

Transitions are dangerous times for any business – not just when a firm is bought or sold, or when there’s a new CEO – and they are also times of tremendous opportunity. One person who excels at turning transitions into

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Nice Teams Finish Last

Think your team is great because you all get along so well?  It could be a sign your team is under-performing.As Brian Cole Miller describes in his new book Nice Teams Finish Last, niceness is often a cover for fear of straight talk, for low trust…

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Virtual Teams with Claire Sookman and Tom Schulte

How can you create more effective virtual teams?  I asked Claire Sookman of Virtual Team Builders, who has been studying and teaching virtual teams for ten years, and Tom Schulte of Recalibrate Professional Development, and the creator o…

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How the CEO can Create an Even More Engaging Work Environment

How can CEOs create an even more engaging work environment?  I asked David Witt, Program Director at The Ken Blanchard Companies.The Blanchard folks have done an enormous amount of research on this topic of workplace engagement. They’ve found some…

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The Thrust of Two Widows: How to Make Your Conflicts Constructive

In fencing, there is a maneuver called “the thrust of two widows” — where the fencers both lunge, neither blocks, and they each succeed in killing the other one. It’s generally considered something of a failure. Fencing students are warned against it…

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Creating a Culture of Excellence – Entrepreneur Magazine

Good article in Entrepreneur Magazine summarizing the steps to create a culture of excellence.Summary:Create a master document to spell out exactly what excellence means.Survey your customers. Get outside help. Talk with the neighbors. S…

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Deeper on Teams

We dive deeper on teamwork and team building with two returning experts: John Bender and Peter Bye. John was senior director of merger integration for HP’s $19.5 billion acquisition of Compaq. Peter was Corporate Diversity Director at AT&T. They di…

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John Bender on Building Virtual Teams

For our recent interview, John Bender shared this outline of his thinking on the topic of virtual teams, team building and trust building.  I share it here in its entirety (with some formatting tweaks) because it is an outstanding, compact summati…

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Storytelling Redux with Seth Kahan

Following up on our recent interview of four experts on business storytelling, we drill down into the how-tos of good storytelling, including when to use which type of story. My returning guest is Seth Kahan of visionaryleadership.com, who will also di…

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